Welcome to The 5 Levels of Japanese

Welcome to the first video in the course The 5 Levels of Japanese!

Get started with Level-1 right away by watching the video below now!

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Clarifying One Thing:

In the video I mentioned what to do if you’ve already been studying Japanese for a while. I just wanted to make sure that point was super clear, so here it is again:

-First, go through all five levels in this course, figure out what level you’re at right now, and look for any points in the lower levels that you may be weak in.

-Then, you can decide to either of the following:

  1. Start over at Level-1 and make accelerated progress through the early parts, back up to the level you are currently at. This will make sure you master any weak areas before continuing on.
  2. Or just start at whatever level you feel you are at and continue up from there.

The final choice is yours to make. I just want you to be conscious about whichever way you end up going.

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

Mastering the Sounds of Japanese free course.

How to Learn Hiragana walk-through.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment with your questions!

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