MSJ – Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents for the course Master the Sounds of Japanese (MSJ).

This is a free online course that goes over the sounds of the Japanese language on an individual, word, and sentence basis.

It’s a great place to start learning the language, or to help fill in any foundation gaps you may have.

If you’re taking the course for the first time, then go ahead and start with lesson #1.

I also recommend that you bookmark this page and refer back to it as you progress through the lessons.

Below is the complete outline.

Part One of the Course:

This part of the course focuses on the individual sounds of the language.

In addition to all of the vowels and consonants, you will also learn how to read and write hiragana since it is a phonetic script that visually represents the sounds of Japanese.

Lesson #1 – Master the Sounds of Japanese

Lesson #2 – What is Hiragana?

Lesson #3 – What Are The Japanese Vowels?

Lesson #4 – The Consonants of Japanese: Part 1

Lesson #5 – The Consonants of Japanese: Part 2

Lesson #6 – The Consonants of Japanese: Part 3

Lesson #7 – The Consonants of Japanese: Part 4

Lesson #8 – The Consonants of Japanese: Part 5

Lesson #9 – How to Get the Most Out of a Language Learning Course

Lesson #10 – What are Voiced and Un-Voiced Consonants?

Lesson #11 – Continuing With Unvoiced to Voiced Consonants

Lesson #12 – The Final Two Voiced Consonants Both Come From [h]

Lesson #13 – Introduction to Combination Hiragana and Their Sounds

Lesson #14 – Conclusion to Combination Hiragana and Their Sounds

Lesson #15 – All The Individual Sounds of Japanese in One Place

Lesson #16 – A Quick Break Before Starting Section Two of the Course

Part Two of the Course:

Having learned the individual sounds of Japanese, we now move on to complete words and learn the specific sounds that only appear within this particular context.

Lesson #17 – What are Elongated Vowels in Japanese?

Lesson #18 – An Explanation on Stop Sounds in Japanese

Lesson #19 – Silent and Semi-Silent Vowels in Japanese (Devoicing)

Lesson #20 – Understanding Pitch Accent in Japanese

Lesson #21 – Mouth Movement When Speaking Japanese

Lesson #22 – The Concept of “Not Sounding Like Ourselves” When Speaking Japanese

Lesson #23 – A Special Gift for Finishing Part Two of the Course!

Part Three of the Course:

Now that we are at the final section of the course, our attention is turned towards complete sentences. This should be exciting since this is how the language is actually used in real life.

If you understood the concepts from the last section, then this one will be a breeze.

For the most part they are the same, but instead of studying the sounds inside of words, you are going to study the sounds between words.

Lesson #24 – Introduction to Part Three of the Course

Lesson #25 – People Speak In Syllables, Not Words!

Lesson #26 – The Sounds that Occur Between Japanese Words

Lesson #27 – This (Speaking in Sentences) is Truly the End Goal

Lesson #28 – What Is Fast Japanese And Why Should You Be Practicing It?

Lesson #29 – Graduation From the Course! And Also, What’s the Next Step?

Final Thoughts

That is the course in its entirety, at least for this first iteration (2018).

As it so happens, I am actually working on updating and expanding the course right now, as a recent site change broke all of the audio recordings!

So, if you’re reading this in the second half of 2020 or beyond, then you get to enjoy the second version of the course.

As time passes and I receive feedback on it, I will most likely improve (again) it in the future.

If you’ve gone through the course and have any questions or comments, please let me know by sharing them down below. Thanks!

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