Learn Japanese For Free

Hey man, I get it. You want to learn Japanese for free, and you wanna learn it now!

Luckily for you, you’ve got a super tool called “the internet” at your disposal.

YouTube is where I recommend you go if you want to hear native Japanese speakers pronounce stuff. But if you’re looking for stuff to read in Japanese, then you’re in the right place.

Lots of blogs have lots of Japanese words. Kind of like these ones:

  • 皆さん、どうもお久しぶりです!
    mina-san, dōmo ohisashiburi desu!
    Hello everyone, I haven’t seen you all in a long time!

The Best Way to Read Japanese

There’s a reason why Manga is so hugely popular in Japan (even adults read it). Do you know why? It has something to do with the way people learned things when they were kinds. I’m talking about…

The Pictures of course!

If you didn’t already know, during a normal Japanese conversation, certain words that we would normally say in English are omitted instead. That’s because the Japanese language is highly contextualYou better be paying attention, or else you’ll miss what the speaker says, or doesn’t say.

So by reading  Japanese with lots of pictures, it helps us to know what’s going on in a scene even when the characters leave things out. Hey, the way I see it, if millions of Japanese learn to read by using pictures like the ones in Manga, then why not us too?

Comic, Part 2

Check out Cat’s House part 2 (The first one can be read by clicking here).

Japanese Comic - Cat's House 2

Toshi: stupid cat…
Background: licking the window
Toshi’s Neighbor: Haha! What a dummy!
Background: SLAM!!
Arrow: Neighbor’s apartment.

Do you still like to learn through pictures? If you’re a fan of Pinterest or Instagram, then that’s a big yes!


  • ariefw

    I agree that the best way to learn a new language is to read its comic.

    The picture will help to understand the context of the words that being used.
    That’s how I learn my English.
    Comics and Hollywood movies.

    Do you have any recommendations of which movies that can help to learn Japanese. I love Doraemon but always read the subtitle. 😀

    • Nick Hoyt

      Yeah, I end up reading the subtitles too!

      When you’re starting out, it can be tough because you want to enjoy it, but you don’t understand everything they say. My recommendation is to find a anime that you like (they’re only 20 minutes long) and first watch it in your native language so that you know what’s going on.

      Then maybe the next day, watch it in Japanese with no subtitles. This will cause you to really focus in and you will probably pick up on a few short phrases (like “sugoi ne!”) just by hearing the word and seeing what they do. I love subtitles, but when you’re reading them, it’s hard to listen to what’s being said.

      Spoken Japanese is a little different from what you learn in a classroom. If you would like an advantage when watching anime or reading manga, then check out my review of Japanese in MangaLand by clicking on the link below.

      Japanese in MangaLand Review

      Anyway, thanks for the great comments! I’ll see what I can do to put some more beginner friendly stuff on my blog.

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