Learn Japanese Numbers 1 to 10 in Five Minutes

There was a study that looked into the kinds of words people use in almost all of their daily conversations. When it came to nouns, they found that numbers we’re used in almost all conversations.

The Japanese have an interesting system for counting numbers that we will get into at a later time. But for now, I want to show you how you can learn the Japanese numbers 1 to 10 that should only take you about five minutes to learn and memorize.


Continue on to find out how!

Listen to How it Sounds

The first thing to do is watch this 30-second video so that you can clearly HEAR how each number is pronounced. Look at the number at the top of the video and how it’s spelled in Rōmaji in the top right.

KEY: Repeat each word as soon as you hear it.



Now we want to involve as many of your five senses as we can with this exercise, so read the words aloud and take the actions.

TIP: if you don’t have a hat, you can mimic putting one on.

So read OUT LOUD the number under the ‘Rōmaji’ column and DO THE ACTION under the ‘Do This’ column at the same time.

The ‘Sounds Like’ section is a way for your mind to link the new word with one that you already know. It’s not PERFECT, but it is close enough for it to work.





Now press replay on the YouTube video, and say the numbers along with the video while doing the actions again.

Now do this a third and final time, and then turn around so that you are not looking at the computer screen and try saying 1 to 10 in Japanese.

HINT: Use the actions when you try to remember!


Well done! Yoku Dekimashita!

When you involve several of your senses (like sight, sound, and touch) it greatly speeds up the learning process. And when you combine new words with ones that sound familiar, you link them together in your mind and then the old words trigger the new ones in your memory.

I hope you all enjoyed that. More importantly, I hope you all did it and learned 1 to 10 in Japanese!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you liked it! Or you can let me know if you didn’t like it as well! Thanks!


  • Cathy

    Hey Nick, this is a very good technique that you teach to help people remember number pronunciation in Japanese. It never really crossed my mind that you can do it this way as the numbers kind of flow naturally with Mandarin language which I am familiar with.

    My challenge was actually remembering dates and days of the week as I know they have special kanji for them. Do you have any technique for remembering these words? Thanks.

    • Nick Hoyt

      Hey Cathy, yeah there are some great ways to remember the different days of the week. Which is good since they are used quite often in everyday conversation. I’ll write up a full post on it soon to help!

  • LeNard

    I had no intention of learning how to count to 10 in Japanese until I took your little test. I was able to get it on my first try. Ok, what the catch? How was I able to do that.

    I stepped away from it for about 2 hours and It is still in my head. It has something to so with the association and there has to be more to it.

    Whatever it is I want to learn more.

    Thank you for the lesson, I will be back for more.

    Yoku Dekimashita, well done

    i like it

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