How I Get Snacks From Japan – TokyoTreat

It’s no secret that I love Japan. But I live a little over 6,000 miles away (or 9,600 kilometers) which means I can’t just hop in my car and drive to the local store to pick up some tasty Japanese treats whenever I feel like it.

Lucky for me, I know how to get snacks from Japan, and today I’m going to talk about one of my favorites ways.

It’s called TokyoTreat.

And it’s amazing.

Let me tell you all about it now! (^_^)b

Here’s How It Works

Tokyo Treat August 2023

Let me explain how TokyoTreat works first, and then we will dive into all of the amazing goodies that I got with this month’s box.

Basically, TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack service where you get to decide how long you would like to sign up for and then they send you a curated box of Japanese snacks each and every month.

Many of which are limited-edition and exclusive to Japan!

I really like this for two reasons:

  1. You get to try out a lot of different types of treats and snacks.
  2. The snacks have been hand-picked and are high quality.

If I were to just go online and try to order whatever random Japanese snacks I could find on my own, there’s really no guarantee that I would get the best ones out there.

But if a snack expert is putting together the box for me, then I not only get great stuff but also a nice assortment of different flavors and textures while still maintaining an overall theme.

Did I mention that TokyoTreat has a theme for each box? I received “Fireworks Flavorfest” which is centered around the fireworks season in Japan.

That’s so cool!

I got to enjoy a lot of candy that is typically in Japan this time of year, when people are going to festivals and enjoying hanabi (fireworks).

Since I’ve mentioned that there are different types of snacks with TokyoTreat, let me talk about the variety for a moment.

They give exclusive Japanese drinks (one of my favorite items from this month!), as well as crunchy & salty snacks, and of course some sweet and chocolaty candy.

But that’s not all. Do you like Japanese ramen? Guess what, they’ve got tasty ramen, soba and udon too!

Something else that I thought was a lot of fun is that they’ve got all kinds of rare KitKat bars that I’ve never even heard of before

For example, I got Salt Lemon KitKat bars!

Salt Lemon KitKat

When I opened the box and saw it, I just stared at it while my brain tried to figure out what my eyes were seeing!

I never would have even thought of such a flavor, and yet I had a whole bag of it all to myself.

Well, not entirely to myself. I took it into work and shared it with my co-workers since the big bag contains lots of smaller size packages in it.

After trying them out, we were all in agreement: they are GOOD!

I think that getting to try out a new, unique KitKat flavor each month is an exciting part of the overall experience.

The box comes with a booklet that talks about all of the different treats and provides information on what is in them in case there are any concerns with allergens and such.

The booklet also contains a lot of information on Japanese culture, and in particular for this case the season of fireworks, summer events, and life in Japan around August.

I really enjoyed getting to go through it and learn all about this time of year for Japan.

And of course the snacks too!

Look At All These!

Lots of Japanese Treats

Each TokyoTreat box comes with 15-20 full size Japanese snacks, and I think I mentioned before some of them like the drink item and the noodles.

I tried the drink right away before I started munching down on the other goodies.what the fanta

It was called “What the Fanta” which is hilarious!

I mean, that’s one of the things about Japanese snacks that I love – they are so much fun to eat and drink!

So the deal with this one is that it is a mystery flavor and you have to try to figure it out while you drink it.

I never did!

It tasted really, really good but I got stumped on what exactly I was drinking.

I mean, I think it was plum… Yeah, gotta’ be plum.

Another really cool one was the firework candy that TokyoTreat and papabubble teamed up to make.

firework candy

It’s a hard candy that tastes great and actually has designs on the sides of them!

One is a firework explosion, one of them is a happy face, and another is the kanji for festival: 祭.

The artistry that goes into a lot of these Japanese snacks makes them a lot of fun to go through.

Your parents may have told you not to play with your food, but that’s just because they didn’t have any of these super cool Japanese treats!

There are a lot more Japanese snacks that came with my box, but rather than going through each and every one let me share with you a couple of my favorites.

My Favorites Ones

I already talked about it before, but the What The Fanta drink that came in this monthly box was super good!

I really enjoyed it not only for the delicious taste, but also because it was cool to get a drink from Japan in addition to all of the snacks.

Another one that I loved was the Gaburichew Ramune Soft Candy.

ramune candy

This one had a taffy-like texture to it but the flavor was that of a ramune soda.

Since ramune is a super popular drink in Japan, I thought that it would be cool to get to “eat” a drink with this one.

It had a sweet flavor to it that was very satisfying, but I also like to have snacks that are dry, salty and crunchy.

That’s why this next one also become one of my favorites from this month’s box.

It is called Puchi Soy Sauce Senbei.


These ones were rice crackers that were nice and crunchy with a soy sauce flavor to them.

That’s one of the cool things about getting snacks from Japan, they are made out of a lot of ingredients that we don’t typically find in snacks in the USA where I live.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve only ever had rice treats from the snack boxes I’ve gotten from Japan, and they are always one of my favorites to eat.

Lastly, I’m gonna’ have to say that the Salt Lemon Pretz were fantastic!


I don’t know what it is about the salt lemon flavor, but it is surprisingly good!

It was nice to have both these sticks which were crunchy and salty as well as the KitKats mentioned earlier which were soft and sweet.

As for these sticks, the box came with two packets inside and each of those had about 20 of the sticks!

Needless to say, I was pretty happy that there were so many because I found myself chomping down on one after the other.

This snack was also great because I was able to share it with friends since they could all have a stick, and then of course I could keep the rest for myself! 🙂

The one downside to having so many yummy snacks is that I eat through them so quickly!

At this point I only have a few remaining, and I can pretty much promise you that they’ll be gone before the end of the week.

But I gotta’ say that I’ve truly enjoyed them and would love to have more sometime.

More Than Just Snacks

Although the snacks are the main focus of each TokyoTreat box, there is a lot more going on with TokyoTreat than just that.

There is a whole TokyoTreat community of people who love Japanese culture, snacks, and sharing their passions with others.

There are online forums to connect with others in the community.

There are monthly contests that you can participate in and have the chance to win all sorts of prizes.

And each month many of the members who shared pictures of themselves with their TokyoTreat boxes on social media are featured in the booklet!

In a way it kind of feels like joining a fun club where the only requirement is to enjoy Japanese treats and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Oh, and before I forget I should mentioned that you can earn streaks with each monthly box that comes in and earn rewards so that the more boxes and treats you get, the more rewards you get as well.

Check Out TokyoTreat

Check Out Tokyo Treat

I really enjoyed all the snacks from this month’s box and was impressed with the wide variety of flavors and the different types of treats I received.

If you’re interested in giving them a try for yourself, then you can learn more about them by clicking on the link below:

Click Here To Check Out TokyoTreat

I’ve tried out quite a few different Japanese snack boxes over the last year or so, and while I pretty much enjoyed them all, I can easily say that TokyoTreat is one of the best ones that I’ve had.

I highly recommend it to anyone who want to enjoy delicious treats from Japan.

Have you tried out TokyoTreat or another Japanese snack box?

Let me know what your experience was by leaving a comment down below.


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